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Ukrainians Pay Tribute to War Victims in Downtown Burgas

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Ukrainians gathered today on the Troikata Square in the centre of Burgas to pay tribute to the victims of the war. Some carried placards reading "No to the war in Ukraine" and "We will not forget Russia’s war crimes," while others were waving Ukrainian flags.
Ukrainian Alexandra Sidorova said people gathered to honour the memory of those killed in the Russian military aggression on Ukrainian territory and the memory of those who lost their lives in World War II. According to her, the Second World War is one of the greatest tragedies of mankind in the 20th century, but today this tragedy is repeated, and the world is frightened by the actions of the Russian Federation. She called on all people around the world to do their best to keep the peace.
A memorial service was conducted by local priest Father Mikhail.
"It is difficult for me to say this prayer, surrounded by people who have come here to seek refuge and a real home. I know how important it is for every person on earth to have a peaceful home and to feel true peace, which only God can give to man. Everything else is built with effort and work. Peace in the heart is very important, so I want this service today to calm our hearts. Let us pray for true peace in the hearts of all the people involved in this cruel and unjust conflict. On this day, let us not forget the victims of fascism and Nazism during World War II. All Slavic peoples must love each other," said Father Mikhail.

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