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No Dialogue with Culture Ministry, Actors Union Warns

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The Union of Bulgarian Actors (UBA) warns of a broken dialogue with the Culture Ministry, a lack of adequate policy in the field of the performing arts, and damage caused by the reduced budget for culture. UBA voiced its grievances in a letter to the parliamentary Committees on Culture and Media and on Budget and Finance.
Employees of all state cultural institutions active in the field of the performing arts will make a common decision on a joint strike, UBA said in a press release on Wednesday.
The Culture Ministry is the only one for which no increase in funds has been envisaged in the forthcoming budget update, on the contrary – the ministry’s budget has been reduced. The same is true for the performing arts sector, which has been hit hard by rising energy prices and inflation. The budget needs to be increased by at least BGN 50 million, the letter says.
According to UBA, the situation in the municipal cultural institutions is even worse, because salaries there are 30% lower than in the state cultural institutions. The budgets for the state delegated municipal activities should be increased through a transfer from the state budget, in particular for the culture sector, UBA proposed.
Pay levels in the cultural sector are at the bottom of the list according to national statistics and are 80% of the national average, the letter says.

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