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MRF Extends Invitations for Talks to All Parties in Parliament except for Vazrazhdane

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Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) Floor Leader Delyan Peevski here on Tuesday announced his parliamentary group’s decision to send letters of invitation for talks for the second government-forming mandate to all parties in Parliament except for Vazrazhdane. "From what we have seen in the media, there is no desire for [support for the] second mandate, but we owe it to our voters," Peevski said.
As to Vazrazhdane, the MRF Floor Leader said that "they do not work with this pro-Russian party".
The MRF have set a deadline until the end of Wednesday for parties in Parliament to respond. "Let’s wait until tomorrow, let’s see the written answers, and we will tell you again what we think of doing with this mandate after the President invites us," Peevski addressed reporters in Parliament. He added that MRF is "a serious party" and cannot afford to "play around with the State".
Asked to comment on the refusal of some of the party’s MPs supporting Honorary Chair Ahmed Dogan to attend a parliamentary group meeting earlier in the day, Peevski said that they had been invited as early as Sunday. He added that "the colleagues are welcome to participate" and "it is their decision". "We are in Parliament, where the MPs belong, where our voters have sent us, and I expect them to be responsible toward them," Peevski added.
He also noted that "the party’s Charter clearly states that a chairperson presides over the parliamentary group. I am a chairperson of the party. I do not know why this issue is being brought up now. These are internal issues that we will be discussing," Peevski said. He recalled that he had been elected as chairperson of the MRF at a national conference of the party. “I was elected as Floor Leader with the participation of these 17 colleagues, so the rest is a matter of media speculation, which I do not think should be cleared up in the media", he added. Peevski referred to the 17 MPs who heeded Dogan’s call to not back the cabinet lineup proposed by GERB-UDF last week.

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