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Bulgarian Solidarity Leader Vanya Grigorova Says Quick Loans Are Among "Manifestations of Modern Slavery"

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Bulgarian Solidarity Leader Vanya Grigorova said that quick loans are one of the manifestations of modern slavery, her party’s press centre said on Sunday.
Grigorova, who is the leader of the list of Bulgarian Solidarity for the European Parliament and of the lists in the 25th constituency in Sofia and Plovdiv-city, said that she had noticed the problem with the growth of quick loan businesses during her tours in the country. In whole areas of the country, quick credit bureaus are sprouting up alongside pawn shops and betting shops, she added.
Grigorova pointed out that the Bulgarian Solidarity coalition was preparing legislative solutions to "stop the epidemic". "In the new National Assembly, we will work together with Maya Manolova on issues that are key for us – the law on bank fees and private bankruptcy and restoring justice for citizens. It is good for everyone to think about whether quick loans are also a reservoir for soul hunters and vote brokers. Because the dependent person is often deprived of any choice," she said.
According to Vanya Grigorova, another big problem in the country is the favouritism of private hospitals at the expense of state hospitals, which are obliged to go through public procurement, unlike private ones. "This leads to cases where we have to pay up to 28 times more expensive medicines. We need a will; this has to stop. I have already had success, albeit at the municipal level," she said. 

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